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Poetry Trapper Keeper, or “PTK” for short, is a weekly poetry newsletter that reaches into the collective Coach purse of our past, spritzes itself in Love Spell, grabs her pink Razr phone (covered in rhinestones, of course) and erratically FORWARDS THIS MESSAGE TO 100 FRIENDS OR SHE’LL DIE IN 7 DAYS.

This project was born out of a love for un-precious poetry. 

Our co-authors, Larissa Barddal Fantini and ​​Kelly Mullins, have never met IRL but do share a penchant for poetry as a messy, real-time mechanism that simultaneously slices into the scratch and sniff nostalgia of their youth. 

Larissa is a Brazilian artist, teacher, and writer who lives in Brazil. Kelly is an American writer who lives in the Netherlands. They were introduced to each other in Crista Siglin’s “Poetry As __ A Workshop” class in 2020, and have been vibing ever since.

TBH, Kelly and Larissa are not really sure where this is going to go. But expect something along the lines of poetry that’s also...

  • a radical message on the butt of your Juicy track pants

  • a group chat that speaks solely in Kardashian GIFs

  • Karl Marx penning an away message

  • your Sims character writing their anarchist manifesto

  • etc.

We’ll send you a poem every Wednesday. ✌️💋


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Poetry Trapper Keeper (or “PTK” for short) is a weekly poetry newsletter run by Larissa Barddal Fantini & ​​Kelly Mullins. We’ll send you a poem every Wednesday (or whenever we feel like it). ✌️💋