Squatters 🏠

Make our home into your Barbie Dream House.

At least twice a year, we invite one of our besties to take over PTK for a month.

PTK squatting is an opportunity for more experienced writers and artists (who may feel constrained by the parameters of the traditional publishing world) to flex their creative freedom with a broad audience of hot people who read poetry. And don’t forget - we’re cool poets, not regular poets - so there are no rules here.

So far, we’ve had three graduates from our squatting program! You can check out their work below.

How to Become a Squatter 🏠

If you or someone you know would be a good fit for this program, you sould:

  • Email us your elevator pitch to poetrytrapperkeeper@gmail.com 💌

Pssst! It also helps to drop some responses to our prompts in the comments of our Substack or our instagram DM’s, so we can see if our poetry ping-pong match is vibey!

Graduates of our Squatter Program 🎓

L Scully (2024)

Read L’s Work:

Crista Siglin (2023)

Read Crista’s Work:

Eliot Duncan (2023)

Who is Eliot? Well, according to his “official” author bio, Eliot is "a US-born writer and artist. He is the cofounder of the international queer collective Slanted House and a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop”. And by “official” author bio we mean like, official official because ELIOT PUBLISHED A BOOK. PONYBOY is “an evocative debut novel of trans-masculinity, addiction, and the pain and joy of becoming“.

Read Eliot’s Work:

Wilhelmina Welsch (2022)

A former high-potential young author 😅 selected in the Berliner Festspiele in 2001 and 2003. I refused to study literature, don’t have a Masters of Fine Arts and regret it a bit today. Part of the poetry collective "The Invisible College“ led by Ariana Reines since early 2020. In everyday life I do something with data and live in Geneva while being a part-time surfer. I mostly write in English at @iamnewintown.

Read Wilhelmina’s work:

Winifred Wong (2022)

Heya! Call me Winnie! 31/F from Singapore. I like to play video games and sing out loud in the shower. Oh, and write poetry of course. Thanks for having me here, PTK babes! 😘

Read Winnie’s Work:

For updates on future squatters, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter below. If you’re interested in being a future Poetry Trapper Keeper squatter, drop a poem response in the comments of any of our pieces. If we vibe, maybe we’ll reach out to feature you!