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Dec 8, 2022Liked by Poetry Trapper Keeper

¨Well, blame it on our horoscope:¨

OOF. That´s, strictly speaking, an election chart (as in ´we have elected to start at this moment' not a ´political election´). About an hour and a half later would have been better, Mars 6th, Uranus 12th, Saturn 9th (👋🏻) ... so this is definitely a case for ´making the best of it´.

¨stab your healing ear and repuncture the ear drum they just patched up in surgery.¨

Mine ears are goopy, and I do not care for this, so you have my condolences.


Christmas meat grinder

wreckage of the crappy year

no holiday chill

lights go on the tree

will no one rid me of this rust

sleep when i´m dead

mental health challenge

do it all, do it now, GO

surfin' U.S.A.



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