Oh no my eggs are burning

But it’s ok because

Clay pigeons is playing at full volume

And no

Not the original version

(The Micheal Cera version because

That’s the one that sounds the most like you

And whatever happened to him anyway?

I should google it.

Oh I had no idea he was Canadian

That’s cool. I’m going to Vancouver in June. Wait

What was I saying? Oh yeah Micheal Cera…

He was in that movie

Nick and Nora’s infinite

Playlist. With Kat Dennings everyone

Always said I look “just

Like her” apparently

Michael Cera is going to

Oh my god he is 1.75m tall?

I thought he was short for

Some reason though maybe

That is short idk

Right, yes… he is going to be in

Wes Anderson’s new film


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So, I did not do all that. But the songs are

a lovely playlist in my mind

as I walk to get the dog from the salon

that randomly starts pure shores after Dido

while I may have been hoping for Stan

remembering the time it came out as a

extremely weird but fun time in my life

when music was not to be found on

streaming services that did not exist then

but p2p big boy Napster that maybe

if the Social Network is accurate for just

that bit has been a precursor to Facebook

as I said weird times but nevertheless

what really stucks in my mind from reading

this poem is tatatada tatatada oh how I love

Suzanne Vega for making that song breaking

so many pop rules in those Italo days of

the early eighties when I was nine or so.

Even though I plan to cut off Say What You Want (1997)

and play Suzanne Vega's tatatada tatatada

I decide to keep listening and press post on this comment

on your amazingly cool and inspiring poem.

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Omg I got CHILLS. Reading this is like getting in a time machine. So good. Thank you so much for sharing <3333 - xx K

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