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At last! I wrote a prompt! Love you all.


The trout were laughing in their rainbow onesies

And river spirits of an ill temper sent rocks

Slippery splashing me over as though wonders

Could be worked from a nine foot rod ( hubba

( hubba ) and all the storm drains were full of sand

Soโ€™s I took to martinis alone in the dying garden

And left dirty messages for my crocodile lovers

Who wept at my recluse. This summer I slurred,

More hungry than a hole of soldiers, more cruel

Than a widowโ€™s Ganges, and so very very dry

That my good looks were suspected of treason.

Why canโ€™t we play? Iโ€™m tidy enough, and clean

My teeth, and bring a balmy tide back up to shore.

Did you see there? The first drops? Could be me.

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this prompt is powerful but my italics don't come across in the comments and i refuse to sacrifice the integrity of the formatting <3

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