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What a lovely read, Larissa! I greatly enjoyed this. As a relatively nomadic expat myself, I can relate (although we have not been living in that many parts of the world). Your story gives me a beautiful insight into what could be going through the heads of our children. Interesting.

Different cultures are fun. I loved the bit about Inca Cola, Fazer chocolate and stroopwafels. I like that image of exchanging cultures through food.

Paris is great. We live close to it now, have lived there a decade ago. We still go to Monoprix. Fortunately, the "international section" at the Carrefour Hypermarket now has things from many countries. Although Brazil is not there.

Anyway, great essay, happy belated birthday, and I hope you have a better relationship with your mental health at the moment.

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Thank you so much Arjan!

My mental health is doing much better these days, though it would be even better if I had a Monop or Franprix near me so I could get all my tasty French foods! You must go enjoy them for me!

I don’t know if it’s any comfort that the nomadic lifestyle might turn your kids into poets/artists like myself ahaha but have you read Third Culture Kids? That book was very helpful for my parents and I recently reread it as an adult and it helped me understand a lot! I wouldn’t change anything about how I grew up; it’s gave me immense insight and compassion and empathy, but it is a bit confusing oftentimes (I dread the “so, where are you from?” Question every single day!)

Thank you for the birthday wishes!


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