Just got around to listening to this (four times) - what a trip - love the couplets nestled in the midst of the word whirlwind - so good!!

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Nov 20, 2022Liked by Poetry Trapper Keeper

After Winnie/after Kelly

so here I go sliding into your DMs

to tell you that you’re not an introvert


I hope this finds you.

sitting on the hardwood floor

of the paul-lincke-ufer altbau

not knowing how to pack a suitcase.

(it’s midnight and you are sitting between all

these clothes, crying. and then your lover packs it for you,

carefully rolling the socks

stuffing them into your shoes).

you now travel 7816.1 kilometres

only with a carry on.

sometimes a board bag.

you are an overzealous surfer.

you own a rob machado sunday midlength

you wrap it carefully in a yoga mat, and in honeycombs of folded paper.

you are so efficient, you pack

your mother’s suitcase, her backpack.

you carry both.

you know the shortcuts at airports.


you have a travel prayer you say it

when you hear the barking dog

hydraulic pump of the plane’s

power transfer unit

when the plane takes off.

sometimes after you’ve paid for in-flight wifi.

and when you arrive and

step on a rectangular terrace

a little girl is playing on its floor

the sun breaking on the crest of her hair and cascading down her

tiny shoulders and between plants and water and on smooth surfaces.

thick smells of yellow. sweet and tangy and clean.

light sticks to your clothes like anti-dust.

and this isn’t your house.

it is the house of someone you are trying

not to fall for. but it’s too late.

right there. in someone else’s life.

all of the versions of you are marigold seedlings.

for a little while and until you write them

into one of your poems.

and travel to you is now just

like a harry potter doubling charm

everything multiplies by touch.

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