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"Ponyboy" Author Eliot Duncan on Book Writing, Real Housewives & Being a Hot Poet 🐎 🧲

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Poetry Trapper Keeper
Poetry Trapper Keeper is an online poetry magazine for hot people (if you’re here, you already qualify - so congrats!). Run by Kelly Mullins and Larissa Fantini, it’s a space that celebrates our tween selves, the color pink, and un-precious poetry. Here at PTK, we believe anyone can write poetry. And that a run-on sentence piece about the Kardashians is just as valid as a Shakespearian soliloquy!Kelly Mullins. We’ll send you a poem every week and podcasts whenever we feel like it. ✌️💋
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Kelly and Larissa of PTK fame sat down with PONYBOY author Eliot Duncan, for a cross-continental chat!

We’re here, we’re queer, & we’re recording a podcast!

Kelly and Larissa of PTK fame sat down with PONYBOY author Eliot Duncan, for a cross-continental chat! We talked about books and publishing (ofc!), about the merits of reality TV (obvs), the universal experience of having a Tracy Chapman “Fastcar” phase in college, and what it means to be a hot poet!

It was also a wonderful opportunity to talk about what community and community building means to authors, whose career is so often seen as a solitary and individual accomplishment. It was truly an honor and great fun! You can catch the full audio version in the podcast above on this post, or if you feel like you’re missing something to look at, you can watch the full video version here:

Watch the Full Video Here

Announcing: Ponyboy Giveaway & Writing Contest Winners!

We are so happy to announce the winners of the PONYBOY giveaway and WRITING CONTEST!

The winner of the PONYBOY WRITING CONTEST, as selected by Eliot Duncan himself, is Chris with the piece titled “AFFECTION”.

Eliot chose this piece because he found the somatic experience of reading it especially beautiful!



For the giveaways, two winners were randomly selected* from the instagram post comments and two winners were randomly selected* from the Google Forms!

The winners from instagram comments are:

kiaya.phillips & willbfff

We have reached out to you on IG!

The winners from the Google Forms Giveaway are:

Charley & Coline

We have reached out to you via email! Please check your spam!


Thank you to all who submitted, and congratulations to our winners! Please contact us at poetrytrapperkeeper@gmail.com if you have any further questions (or comment here!)!

*receipts and proof of random selection available to anyone, just send us an email!

Finally, BUY PONYBOY, it’s officially out today!

And so, with teary eyes and LOUD MOUTHS, we’ve come here to tell you that the Eliot Duncan x PTK takeover is coming to a close! If you didn’t win a book, now’s your chance to order your own copy of PONYBOY:

Buy "Ponyboy" (U.S. cover)

Buy "Ponyboy" (UK Cover)

But it’s not over till it’s over, so while you listen to OUR FIRST EVER PODCAST interview, Kelly is working on a first-person response of her own! Here’s a recap of all of the work (and our responses!) from Eliot’s takeover:

Okay, we’re not crying, you’re crying.